Macro Express News

The Macro Express News is normally published each time we release an update of Macro Express or Macro Express Pro. Each issue may include tips, hints, support notices, macros submitted by users and a description of the changes. You may subscribe to the email edition of Macro Express News by visiting

DateMacro Express ProMacro ExpressTopics
April 19, 2021v Icon to Taskbar, Why the Gray Icon?, Macro Express Online Community Forum, Use Snippets to Write Macros Faster in Macro Express Pro, Improving the Quality of Life for People with Disabilities
September 15, 2020v Macro Express Setup Program, Improved Mouse Locator, UWP Programs and Macro Express
May 1, 2019v, renamed and deprecated macro commands, Menu of Macros for Topmost Window updated, Variable set String from List, HTTP Get, Activate a macro when Windows wakes up
December 14, 2018v v updates, Improved ease of use, Appearance
September 26, 2017v Edge, Processes, high resolution monitors, loading macros from a network, Open Windows Settings dialogs
January 27, 2016v v support and upgrade policies, Windows 10 restricts more HotKeys, Additional keys for Pause Macro and Abort Macro, Play a sound when a macro is activated, using Snippets, Use Macro Express to restore other programs
March 11, 2015v a macro from the middle of the script
February 24, 2015v Express Keyboard Shortcuts, Display underlines in menus, Show Macro Progress, Capture Macro tips
June 2, 2014 v the Time, Swap Monitors, Activate or Launch Notepad, Debugging the External Script command
February 7, 2014 v Text Messages to Mobile Phones, Keyboard Shortcuts in macros
December 9, 2013v a program as a non-administrator, Hold a key down, Sample macros, Unicode using the Alt-Key Sequence feature, Pixel colors via the Mouse Locator
December 13, 2012 v as Administrator Redux, Task Scheduler, Unlocking Keyboard and Mouse
November 12, 2012v Express Pro Portable, Windows 8, Run as Administrator, Macros in Adobe Reader, Convert a date string into a DateTime variable, Log 10 and Ln Calculator, Age Calculator, Move The Mouse and AutoCorrect
March 9, 2012v 3.9Insert non-English language characters, Separate macros for individual users