If you do any repetitive work on the computer, you will immediately become more productive with Macro Express.

Below are just a few of the ways that Macro Express can enhance your computer experience and save you time.

Call Centers

Customer support or service centers automate responses to repetitive questions.


Educators simplify online grading, comments and communications to students.

Medical Data Input

Accurately speed through the input of daily medical records.

Boilerplate Text

Create boilerplate text for Legal, Medical, Dental, Insurance, Banking and more.

Data Transfers

Rapidly and accurately transfer data from one app or system to another.

Open/Close Apps

Open or close multiple windows or applications with a single key press.


Easily insert symbols, international or Unicode characters into documents.

Software Developers

Software developers will find this a real time saver for inserting code.

Reduce Strain

Reduce repetitive typing strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Manipulate Files

Quickly rename, move, delete, or copy files and folders.

Price Quotes

Quickly respond to customer requests for sales or service quotes.

Use Your Imagination

Be creative and all kinds of uses will come to mind.

"I've used it to automate some of the most stupefyingly boring repetitive tasks. Fun to use. Great stuff."
John N., Illinois
I bought the software for a solution to a single problem, but now find myself automating just about everything I ever do on my PC, and loving every minute of it -- and every hour I save!
Chris, Washington

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